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Sleep and the Brain


Between 50 and 70 million Americans are currently suffering from poor sleep. The short and long-term effects of poor sleep negatively impact a person’s overall health, mood and executive functioning. Current approaches to studying sleep involve the use of sophisticated sleep labs with expensive clinical equipment that requires the participant to spend an often-uncomfortable night in a hospital or clinic. As a result, traditional research has only studied a small percent of people with clinical sleep problems. 

Traditional clinical sleep monitoring vs. INGH sleep evaluation


Earlier this year, we began a study to determine whether we can use cheap, non-invasive, remote technology, to better understand sleep and the sleep factors that contribute to how we think, respond, and feel after sleep. What new insights does this enable over traditional sleep studies? Using a custom suite of consumer devices we measure a large number of sleep variables including: sound, light, temperature, heart rate, ECG, ventilation, and sleep position. In addition to the physical sensors, we developed a mobile application to collect objective and subjective study measures remotely. The application allows us to monitor patients in new ways, integrating multiple data streams from devices, cognitive assessments, and patient surveys.Because the data are obtained remotely and there is no need for a patient to enter aclinic, data can be collected longitudinally, for a much longer time frame than traditional sleep studies and at much higher resolution. This gives us a more complete picture of sleep in the natural environment. We hope to learn what sleep features are predictive of mood and cognitive function.
The study is still enrolling. If you are 18+ and live in the NYC area you may qualify. Find out more here.
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