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Our Research

This is a highlight of some of the exciting research initiatives happening at INGH


Precision Wellness

Precision Wellness is the mission and belief that each person’s unique state of health can be quantified and optimized, with the goal of proactively predicting and preventing dis...

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Building New Views of Alzheimer’s Disease

By mid-century, a new diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) will occur every 33 seconds, and costs are expected to exceed $1 trillion annually. Yet, despite the dire public healt...

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Over the past decade, Lyme disease has increasingly become a health concern and is exacerbated by challenges in a timely and accurate diagnosis, as well as effective treatments and...

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Mulitscale Genomics of Acne

Acne is a powerful model for understanding interactions between our bodies, our microbiome, and our environment. The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai embarked on one of the ...

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Sleep and the Brain

Can we use cheap, non-invasive, remote technology to better understand sleep and the sleep factors that contribute to how we think, respond, and feel after sleep? What new insight...

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